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Good environment is not like, but exactly a good mother. We should give same degree of care and love to environment as to the mother. Running business is our vision and not a vow. We really know the significant role of environment in ecosystem and really value it.

We try our level best to implement environment friendly manufacturing machineries and procedures to keep the environment free from the after effects of manufacturing. Being the leading manufacturers and exporters of Organic and Inorganic Pigments, we maintain healthy and safe working atmosphere to assure peace of mind of worker and protection for environment.

Quality of working conditions is important part of assuring environment safety. Our working places are set in accordance with the rules and regulations as per international standards. Above all legal requirements, it is our humanity concept and value of life that always keep our eyes opened for environment & safety.

Our R & D teams keep Environment & Safety first in the list to make sure that that all of our process or products are developed in accordance with all possible safety standards to keep the environment clean. With effluent treatment systems and more adequate measures, we make sure that we have made every efforts and establishments in environment safety.

We give strong values to the protection of the nature and hence give supreme importance to eco friendly manufacturing processes.
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