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Shanghai Ceval Chemical Co.,Ltd
Jiangxi Factory: Jiangxi Ceval Pigments Co.,Ltd.
Address: Qiaonan Industrial Zone, Yongfeng, Ji'an City, Jiangxi, China
Jiangsu Factory: Jiangsu Ceval Chemicals Co.Ltd.
Address: Tongji Chemical Zone, Xinghua City, Jiangsu, China
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CEVAL established in 2005, manufactures Organic & In organic Pigments at its modernized three manufacturing plants in China: JIANGSU Chrome yellow and Molybdate Orange mfg plant, JIANGXI Phthalo Blue & Green manufacturing plant and Shandong AZO & HPP Pigment manufacturing plant. The total annual output is around 9000 MT. We enjoy a special position in the international markets due to our commitment to quality at most attractive prices as well as efficient delivery.

We have set up our R&D and sales centre in Shanghai Minhang district, equipped with advanced equipment for pigment production and raw material testing, built laboratory for pigment synthesis, analysis and application, employed lots of domestic and foreign experts to engage in the development and production of high performance and environmental pigments to ensure the stability and sustainable development of our products.

Following the requirements of ISO-9001 quality management system and ISO-14001 environmental management system and according to customers' requirements and testing methods, We have formed a whole procedure in quality control to guarantee stability of different batches and always provides the most suitable and economical products to our customers.

We have excellent service team with abundant professional technology, equipped with fast logistic guarantee, provide the most suitable and cost-effective products to customers, we insist on producing high quality pigments and providing the most professional services to our customers.

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